4 May 2014


I have 3 months to get myself into wedding shape - argh! I found a gorgeous raw silk vintage shift dress in December last year and took it to the drycleaners to see if I could get a couple of tiny age spots removed.  Alas, the drycleaner said no, but then took it upon himself to draw on the spots with sewing chalk "because that's what they do on the runways" and then he couldn't remove it.  I had a meltdown and hand washed it at home, leaving it spotless, but turning the fringing into a bit of an afro.

Fortunately I have girlfriends who are excited about the dressing up part of the big day (and can sew!) and I spent a day with them chatting over cups of tea and quiche, pinning new fringing and shoozhing up my blue shoes with vintage clip on earrings.

Now I need to knuckle down, stop taking comfort in pate on toast, get my exercise on, and fit into the dress which is now a tad snug around the thigh area (although I do have a back up just in case).  Wish me luck!


  1. Woo! Wedding! You're going to look amazing, I can already tell. Annoying about the wedding dress though - did the dry cleaner compensate for their error at least?! Ugh, crazies. Ah, I, too, need to get fit in three months! Wanna be healthy before I turn 25, haha.

    Good luck! Although, I doubt you need it cos I've seen you get uber fit before! :D

    1. Thanks Tran! I just had an incident at work where I've ripped my dress shorts almost clean in half - I might have to work a bit harder at the fitness thing haha ;)

      You're a spring chicken! Maybe we should set up some wise walking dates before your 25th?

    2. Yes please! And then followed by some food, hahaha.


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