With 180 outlet stores Desert Hills Premium Outlets was a little overwhelming for day two, but I didn't let that, or an already over-packed suitcase, stop me from making a few exciting purchases.

What I bought:
1. Coach HPC flight bag (USD$79.99) // 2. Alexander McQueen bracelet (USD$119.00)
3. Nike relay print crop running tights (USD$44.99) // 4. Marc By Marc Jacobs Camo iphone 4 case (USD$3.00)


On route to our Palm Springs destination, two enormous sculptured dinosaurs and "the world's biggest dinosaurs museum" beckoned us.  Surrounded by mountains and built over 30 years ago, Dinny the brontosaurus and Mr. Rex the tyrannosaurus rex (whose mouth we climbed up into), made an appearance in the 1985 movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

The highlight of the museum was actually the tiny hummingbirds flitting around the garden, but it was a good chance to stretch our legs after a long flight and a couple of hours driving on an unfamiliar side of the road.

We also made a stop to have a closer look at the San Gorgonio Pass wind farm.  The thousands of huge wind turbines spread across the desert and hills on either side of the highway are pretty spectacular!


Apologies for the break in transmission, I've been off on the trip of a lifetime!!  With lots of planning, Andy and I flew into LA on Saturday the 9th of August and road tripped, just the two of us, until meeting up with four friends and a surprise guest in Vegas.  Four night's and a wedding later, we headed to Santa Monica for our honeymoon.

With every intention of blogging, I packed the laptop (and Andy lugged my tripod across state lines as my luggage was already too heavy... nope, I never used it once), but why blog when you can swim under a super moon in Palm Springs, camp with a Navajo guide in Monument Valley and shop until midnight before heading up the Paris tower to look at the twinkling lights of Las Vegas.

I'll be sharing our trip with you in future posts, which will help me combat the post holiday blues that have kicked in this week.

$22 for 80 customized playing cards -


I love retro furniture and have been known to return from walks with kerbside finds, my bedside table and most recently a lounge chair (that one I had to go back for with the car), so I found myself in a little bit of furniture heaven when I went to the National Gallery of Victoria for the Mid-Century Modern exhibition.

So many beautiful shapes and gorgeous wood, making me wish my calling had been furniture restoration.  I particularly enjoyed the shadows each piece cast.


I used my admin half day yesterday to do things I don't usually get to do during the working week, like check out Italian artist Paola Pivi's sculptural works at the National Gallery of Victoria.  The gallery foyer is currently home to life-sized Alaskan bears covered in neon coloured feathers.  The exhibition is free and continues until the end of August.


 photo Glasses_01.jpg

I spent years wandering around blind, too embarrassed to wear my Harry Potter-esque glasses (long before Harry Potter was a thing), until one day I let it slip to my boss at a work function that I couldn't make out someone's features across the room, but possibly recognised them by the way they moved.  He hooked me up with my first pair of contact lenses (on the company!) and I've never looked back.

Glasses are all the rage these days and this year I got myself a pair of Ray-Ban frames that I love, but probably don't wear enough due to my haircut doing all kinds of crazy shizz when I wear them.

Ray-Bans - OPSM 


There's nothing like the company of a good friend, her Muppet, and lungs full of fresh air (VERY fresh air) to make you feel good about the long weekend.  Last Saturday, Samara and I hit the road with Lenny, of hilarious blog, and spent the day in the great outdoors.

We trekked up Mt Macedon, then Hanging Rock (where we laughed at a poodle wearing shoes) before refuelling in Woodend with coffee, sausage rolls and a vanilla slice each.  In Daylesford I introduced Samara to the wonderful world of the Mill Markets, where she bought a gorgeous $15 wooden box to display all her Aesop goodies in her bathroom.  I took photos of what I would like, then promptly purchased two retro chairs over the phone the very next day.  After finding $2.05 and a ton of pumpkin (?) seeds down the side of my chairs, I can't wait until I can afford to get them reupholstered!