Inspired by the Pink Deer's hilarious blog post about the internet not taking too kindly to Juice company founder Kara Rosen's above day on a plate, I too have put together my own.

6am Push the wrong button on alarm and believe I can snooze for 10 mins without reminder from clock.
6.30am Wake up and yell "shit!" before jumping in the shower.
7.13am Somehow make the train because I skipped breakfast, eat Oaty Slice that sounds surprisingly loud with headphones in.
8am Use last $2 to buy a Hot Choccie from 7-Eleven.
10am Crackers and cheese in the kitchen whilst knocking back a green tea in 10 mins due to the rule of only being allowed a tall glass with clear liquid on the Reception desk. 
12pm Tin of tuna and microwave sachet of brown rice that serves 2 (I like something carby at lunch), pour in unidentified dressing left over from board meeting for flavour.
3.30pm Inhale 3 left over chicken, avocado and bacon sandwich quarters, the avocado has gone brown and I'm not even hungry (I've never said no to free food).
5.27pm Catch train home and fortunately wake up at my stop.
6.30pm Walk up hill and past the 24 hour gym I belong to.  Eat 4 slices of peanut butter on toast with a hazelnut coffee to ward off my dip in energy.
9pm Head to bed as my husband is out and I'm drained from crying through an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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I hatched a cunning plan to avoid everyone getting too boozy the night before our wedding by booking a photo tour at The Neon Museum, or Neon Boneyard as it was called by a colleague who recommended it to me when chatting about what to do in Vegas.

The Boneyard houses more than 150 iconic Las Vegas signs from days of old, 4 of which are restored to their former glory.  We travelled via limo again (as it actually works out cheaper than separate taxis when in a large group) to a dusk viewing, then made our way to downtown Las Vegas afterwards for a late dinner on Fremont Street and a walk down Las Vegas Boulevard to look at the other restored signs that illuminate the area.


After spending the night in a small town outside of Zion (and dining on Dorito tacos at Taco Bell, where I felt like I was in a high school movie) we arrived in Vegas on Saturday morning and headed straight to the Marriage License Bureau!  Finally finding the bureau after seeing some young couples holding pieces of paper, we managed to beat the queue, leaving us plenty of time to hit the outlet mall before check-in at MGM Grand.  I ticked a pair of Nike Air Maxes off my 'must buy while in America' list for the ridonkulous price of $40.

Once checked in we met our friends in the lobby bar for a drink and a long over-due catch up, only to be surprised by a special guest appearance - Andy's brother and best man had been shipped over secretly by the boys!  The excitement and strong cocktails went straight to my head and suddenly we were in a pimpin' limo on the way to Kaizen Fusion Roll & Sushi where we dined on the best sushi I've ever had, followed by an after dinner stroll that led us back to the strip (much further away than it looked) and up the Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel to look at all the sparkly lights of Las Vegas and watch the Bellagio Fountains do their last dance of the day.

 photo Las_Vegas_002.jpg
 photo Las_Vegas_3.jpg  photo Las_Vegas_5.jpg


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you're in Melbourne and looking for something to do over the holiday break, I highly recommend The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.  As someone who did an Introduction to Visual Merchandising short course over the last few months and is the proud owner of a mannequin (who will be replacing me in my outfit posts), JPG's exhibition was visual candy.

Jean Paul Gaultier has been closely involved with the exhibition, which features some 140 garments alongside photographs, sketches, stage costumes and excerpts from runway shows and films.  Organised around seven themes, the exhibition traces the designers influences, passions and obsessions, but it also boasts extraordinary exhibition design in the form of 32 custom mannequins that incorporate high-def audio visual projections of various personalities, including the man himself.

On my birthday I spotted JPG on Collins Street and after a rather uncomfortable amount of "excuse me's" to get his attention, he was kind enough to have his photo taken with me (here)!


Xmas is just around the corner!!  I've been extremely unorganised as I quit my full time job on return from our trip of a life time and have been temping until a couple of weeks ago when I started a brand spanking new and exciting role.

I'm really looking forward to the break so I can relax without the stress of job hunting and get back into some sort of routine (exercise and healthy eating has fallen by the wayside).  I'll be thinking about a new corporate summer wardrobe and a couple of other bits and bobs I'd love to see under the tree.

My list:
1. Chic Empire Safari loafers (for slipping around the house in) // 2. Prada fragrance // 3. Glasshouse scented candle
4. Grace A Memoir // 5. Dr Martens Candice heels // 6. Hip Hop Hooray 2015 charity calendar from Ask Alice 
A frame for our fabulous Angelique Houtkamp print (main).


Monument Valley is the place of old westerns and once in a lifetime adventures.  We took the non-tourist route and camped overnight on private land with a Navajo guide.  Duffy from Monument Valley Safari picked us up from the visitor's centre and navigated rocky terrain to the Hunts Mesa, our home for the evening.  We set up our tent, then while Duffy cooked our dinner on a cedar wood fire, we sat and took in the sounds, smells and view of our surroundings.

Never in my life have I seen so many shooting stars (or eaten such delicious baked beans)!  With the tiny bats and giant moths, night time is a whole new level of adventure, especially when nature calls (literally).  Earlier talk of snakes, scorpions and coyotes makes it a little bit terrifying when you have to navigate your way to a bush far enough away from the campsite, so you can imagine the perils of needing to do a number two in the wilderness...

Duffy hollers at the crack of dawn the next day, making sure you're awake to take a short drive to watch the sunrise over the valley (whilst eating Clif Bars).  After stopping and having a stare off with a herd of wild horses, we packed up camp and were returned to the visitor's centre in the afternoon, tired, dirty, but very happy.


In the car park I swapped long pants for shorts to go with my summer tee, a bargain discovered while walking to Andy's work one afternoon.  I came across a sneaky sale up some stairs on Smith Street and found it in a $10 bin.  Cheap indeed!  My trusty Nike's competed the look.

Shoes - Nike // T-shirt - Cheap Monday // Shorts - American Apparel