19 Jul 2015


We're off to Dubai for our one year wedding anniversary soon and I've been wracking my brain on what to wear while covering up for various activities.  I thought a funky pair of leggings with an oversize tee might do the trick for early morning hot air ballooning or an evening camel ride.

I got my New York skyline leggings for half price during a Black Milk cyber sale, the Sam Edelman studded boots for a $10 steal at the Fitzroy Markets and after someone from the Sydney office at a previous job forgot her cropped leather jacket, I stroked the soft leather, tried it on, and then used a photo of me in it to hunt down one of my own on eBay.
1. Black Milk Leggings // 2. Sam Edelman Shoes // 3. Kookai Leather Jacket

26 May 2015


In 2011 while in New Zealand, I did a seven day juice detox at Pujjis Wellness Retreat in Nelson.  I'd been over indulging at Friday night drinks, not exercising, eating badly and I felt sluggish physically, and in life in general.  It was probably the best thing I've ever done for myself (although it's amazing how people change towards you when you go from massive beer drinker to BYO 1.5 litre of water).  I lost 4kg's in the 7 days, which was particularly noticeable around my face, then went on to drop from 70kg's to 58kg's over a year.  When Andy and I went to Thailand in 2012, I was in the best shape of my life!

Signing up to every 10km+ fun run in Melbourne (from Mother's Day Classic to Run for the Kids) kept me in shape until a knee injury in 2013 threw a spanner in the works, and as an emotional eater, I turned to food to console myself.  Even when I wanted to lose weight for our wedding last year I never quite regained my self discipline, and although I exercised every night by walking or running around the Tan (aka the Royal Botanical Gardens) in the 3 months prior, I couldn't quite get my diet under control.

I'm now sitting at 65.5kg's and have since found out that I'm shorter than I thought, putting my BMI as overweight - argh!  Starting a new high stress job a couple of weeks before Christmas, I've again turned to food as a reward for getting through the days/weeks and I'm finding I don't fit a lot of my work clothes any more.

The Global Corporate Challenge starts on Wednesday and somehow, I, the person who sits on my arse at a desk all day, am team captain.  I'm hoping that having to lead by example and achieve 10,000 steps a day is the motivation I need to get my mojo back.  My intention with the blog is to get back into doing outfit posts (with me rather than that skinny bitch of a mannequin) and in life, to get back into pants!

Wedding cupcakes:
Red velvet and vanilla by Amy of Milly's Cake Decorating

11 May 2015


While in New Zealand for our wedding reception-slash-party, we stayed with Andy's parents in the country.  One day on our way into town it was pointed out that all the tourist buses heading the other way were off to Hobbiton.  I insisted that Andy and I get our Lord of the Rings geek on before we returned to Melbourne, so the following day the two of us drove to the picturesque private farmland in Matamata for a two-hour guided tour.
Before we even got going, there was some hilarity as at the exact same time our tour guide advised we stay off the hobbit houses, a pair of tourists had already climbed on the roof of one to throw peace signs to the camera.
It's a pretty extensive tour with fun movie facts and photo opportunities galore, finishing with a complimentary beer, cider or ginger beer brewed especially for The Green Dragon Inn (a replica of the inn featured in the LOTR's and Hobbit trilogies) at the end of the trail.  As we sat in the sun by the lake with our cider, I drank in the scenery and felt a little bit proud to be from such a beautiful country.

4 May 2015


On our last full day in LA, we donned our walking gear and did the lengthy, but extremely scenic walk to Venice Beach.  I was blown away by the diversity of Venice, the homeless camped out in the open, the skaters, the weightlifters, the people in doctor's coats spruiking medical marijuana and Harry Perry the famous busker who plays electric guitar on skates.  After treating us to an ice-cream (oh, how I wish you could get Reese's peanut butter cups in ice cream form in Australia!), we wandered around the boardwalk shops and people watched in the sun.  I exercised some major self control and only purchased a pair of $10 shorts from American Apparel (which I no longer fit - damn you peanut butter ice cream cup...), but I kind of wish I'd bought a touristy California Republic something to bring home.
Back in Santa Monica, after having a go on the equipment at the original Muscle Beach, we came off the pier to a dude with giant arms charging a $5 minimum to hold his snake (tee hee), which I was all over, Andy on the other hand was surprisingly not keen, so he played photographer.  It's a little bit daunting having a boa constrictor around your neck, but I did my best Britney Spears, and was more excited than terrified by the experience.  My trust was definitely in those giant arms.

It's bloody freezing in Melbourne now, so it's uncanny timing that this is my last post featuring blue skies and palm trees.  As I finally say goodbye to our USA holiday (8 months later!), I hope to say hello to a less chaotic time where I can really enjoy being creative and blogging consistently again.

16 Apr 2015


After a night out at Rainbow Bar & Grill and Whisky A Go Go (where we saw metal band Chimaira play live), we hit the Calbi fusion food truck for brunch to soak up the fireball whiskey shots we got shouted at Rainbow when word got out that we'd been married in Vegas.  Best (only...) Korean/Mexican quesadilla I've ever had!
Making multiple Baywatch references while walking down the Santa Monica Pier, we then took Chris (a first timer in the USA) to Hollywood Boulevard to look at the stars and do some shopping.  Hollywood seemed much busier and grimier than 9 years ago, but perhaps that's because we were staying at The Georgian Hotel across the road from the beach this time around.
Continuing our music themed arrival in California, we visited the Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard, where I just missed Giovanni Ribisi leaving with a keyboard, as I was engrossed in taking photos of the Rock Walk (okay, I admit that after Andy whispered "there's your favourite actor, that Ribisi guy", I did follow him to the car park, but quickly realised how much of a stalker I was being and returned to the boys).  Amoeba Music was our last stop of the day before we dropped my new brother-in-law at LAX. Amoeba is huge (what with it being "the world's largest independent record store") and I was overwhelmed, so only bought myself a small Amoeba patch that now sits nicely on my camera case.

18 Mar 2015


On our big day Andy and I had breakfast together at McDonald's in MGM Grand (a mcmuffin pales in comparison to a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit).  Thank the heavens for vintage underwear...

After a last minute blow-dry booking (I really should've organised this sooner, but I tipped generously because they squeezed me in when I played the "I'm getting married at 3pm" card), I hotfooted it back to the room to shower, shave my legs and iron my dress.

Getting ready together, it didn't really feel like we were off to our wedding until we made our grand entrance in the foyer where I nearly burst into tears upon greeting our party of five (I held it together for the rest of the day).  How we didn't spot the giant blue 'Little White Chapel' limo waiting for us, I don't know, but it was our biggest one yet!

With the bouquet and boutonniere out of the fridge, I chose a garter and we had our professional photos taken before the ceremony in case it rained.  The civil ceremony couldn't have been any more perfect if we'd written it ourselves, and our Minister and his long black dreadlocks were awesome.

Afterwards we took some candid photos around the grounds (sans nerves) before asking our limo driver to drop us at Hard Rock instead of our hotel, he kindly stopped at a booze shop en route and our friends bought us a bottle of champagne and some plastic flutes so we could celebrate hip hop video style.

I'd booked Mexican restaurant Pink Taco for our wedding reception.  All lesbian strip club jokes aside, the menu we picked was delicious (signature pink tacos!) as were the jalapeno margaritas, which we never would've braved without a recommendation from a Melbournian.

No more stressing about carrying our wedding bands around the desert for the rest of the trip, now they're securely on our fingers and I added a 'Just Married' Hard Rock pin to my collection.

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